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Cindy is owner of Floral Elements and an experienced floral designer within the wedding industry for the past decade.

Cindy of Floral Elements

I61studio: How would you describe your signature style?
Cindy: I like everything – I like traditional and classical, but also modern and simple. I also really like the romantic girly style, so it’s hard to pinpoint, but I really like clean, simple lines.

I61studio: What caused you to become interested in floral design?
Cindy: I’ve always liked flowers and thought it would be nice to do something in this industry. I wanted to do something fun and creative, even though there’s a lot of hard work behind doing flowers.

I61studio: Do you remember the first professional event you ever did on your own?
Cindy: I’m trying to remember…it was more for friends and family when I first started out, but it was still nerve racking because I was on my own and not working for someone else.

Cindy of Floral Elements

I61studio: Who is your biggest inspiration or influence?
Cindy: There are a lot of different designers out there, but I would say Preston Bailey and Jeff Leatham. You can see their hard work and where it’s brought them and they enjoy it – it’s their passion.

I61studio: What is your favorite flower?
Cindy: I would say my favorite flower is the peony.

I61studio: What inspires you right now?
Cindy: I think anything and everything. Even art, nature, other designers – not necessarily flowers, but even architecture and people. A lot of different things.

Cindy of Floral Elements
Photo credits: Evonne Darren Photography, Connie M. Chung Photography, Adrienne Gunde Photography

I61studio: What do you like to do in your free time?
Cindy: I like to shop, I like being outdoors, I like to read… and I’m also addicted to TV reality shows like Top Chef!

I61studio: What do you love most about doing what you do?
Cindy: What I really love doing is being able to create and re-interpret the client’s vision – Bringing everything together, the colors, textures, different elements… and seeing it all come together.

Name: Floral Elements
Services: Floral design for weddings and events
Phone Number: (949) 275-5692
Website: http://www.floralelements.com/
Email: info@floralelements.com

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