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Mark is a wedding DJ for over 27 years with an education and background as a radio DJ personality in numerous radio stations prior to amassing his vast wedding DJ experience.

Music Man Event Professionals
I61studio: How would you describe your signature style?
Mark: I don’t really have a style…What we try to do is adapt our style to what our clients are trying to accomplish. So we learn about our client, what their goals are for their wedding – elegant and fun, or nightclub/high energy – it all depends on what they want their outcome to be.

I61studio: How did you go from being a radio DJ to mobile wedding DJ?
Mark: It got to the point where I was going crazy because I’m a people person – I love talking to people and meeting people – but when you’re in radio you’re in a 6×6 room by yourself, talking into a microphone. While I was in radio, some friends came up and asked me to be their wedding DJ. I wasn’t at that point too familiar with doing weddings but I ended up putting together a wedding that blew everybody away. I had so much fun doing it too, that I wanted to do that more often and started marketing it and here were are today.

I61studio: How did you transition into owning your own company?
Mark: When I first started with mobile DJing I was 16 and working for another [DJ] company. I hated the fact that I was so restricted by the management and wanted more freedom, so I started my own company. That allowed me to build a brand and a family of people here that does business the way I like it to be done.

I61studio: How do you get a party engaged?
Mark: We never go in there with a preconceived judgment. I’ll engage guests by just walking around talking to them at the tables when they first come in. And then I get a feeling for what kind of people are out there and what kind of songs would work and we adapt.

Music Man Event Professionals
I61studio: What did you want to be as a kid?
Mark: I wanted to be a singer.

I61studio: Do you also sing on the side?
Mark: No, just in my car.

I61studio: Who was your biggest inspiration or influence?
Mark: My wife is a big inspiration for me— without her support and understanding behind me 100% I couldn’t have done this.

Music Man Event Professionals
Event lighting photos sourced from Music Man Event Professionals website: http://orangecountyweddingdj.co/

I61studio: What is your favorite type of music?
Mark: I don’t have a favorite type – I like all kinds. I’m a big hip hop person, I guess – Hip hop and pop. But I also listen to country, rock, and everything. I grew up in the 80s so I love 80s music. I just love music in general.

I61studio: What do you like to do in your free time?
Mark: I brew beer – I’m a home brewer. I have a brewery in my garage with different beers on tap. I won a national championship for it in 2009 – that was exciting. My nickname is “the beer-man”. I’m not an alcoholic though, I hardly drink at all – I just like making the beer.

I61studio: What do you love most about doing what you do?
Mark: I love the creativity. I’m not a person that likes getting caught into doing the same thing every time. I like that each couple is different and wants different things and that there’s a challenge in putting together an event in the right way.

Company Name: Music Man Event Professionals
Services: Wedding DJ and lighting services
Phone Number: (949) 940-8998
Website: http://orangecountyweddingdj.co/
Address: 19 Spectrum Pointe, Suite 607, Lake Forest

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